Tuesday, January 16, 2007


the current blog silence is due to the fact this blogger is in agony
medical opinion is that i have wrenched/twisted a muscle (medial scapula if your interested) probably caused by being on a bus ... the lurching as the bus braked ... not unusual apparantly

now ... i am sure you can guess where i am going with this ...
i had plenty of reasons for avoiding public transport in the past but this experience has finally put me off for ever ... don't even think of trying to reason with me in the future

my car broke down and it needed to go to the car hospital for quite a few days ... so i used the train to get to a meeting ... after which a friend and i were headed in the same direction (you know who you are) ... and he persuaded me to use the bus as we were heading in the same direction ... he even joked about taking a picture of me on a bus to post on my blog

the next morning i was in agony ... three sleepless nights with GP and NHS direct advising me that the best thing was a hot water bottle and iboprufen led me to eventually consult with a medically qualified friend who gave me the names of some serious drugs to demand from my GP

A GP who prodded the pain to make sure it really hurt then stuck a little teddy bear badge on my jacket that said 'i have been brave at the doctors today' ... i forgot it was there and went into the pharmacy to get my drugs and was met with much laughter from the women behind the counter

so in conclusion ... loads of pain ... total humiliation ... days spent lying around hardly able to move ... loss of sleep ... piss taking from all and sundry ... all because some bright spark thought i should take a bus and stop being so silly

normal service will be resumed as soon as i can sit for more than ten minutes without screaming

i hate buses


sally said...

only you, steve, could injure yourself just sitting on a bus.....and I wish I had seen your little badge for being brave....please wear it next time I see you xxx

Dave said...

Steve, the answer is get out there and get on more buses. It's like learning to ride a bike, the first few times you fall off and hurt yourself, but after a while you'll learn how to stay upright and free from injury - until you get knocked down by the bus....

Kathryn said...

The irony is, of course, that now whenever I see a bus I will think of you! Not, I'm sure, the sort of connection you'd envisage.
Ah well...Hope it feels better soon,- and you are now able to return to the safe cocoon of saab-dom!