Saturday, January 06, 2007

belated greetings

on the subject of new year
we do of course wish all and sundry a Happy New Year ... we even hope you had a Happy Christmas ... see the thing is ... we arrived in NY fully intending to email everyone with Christmas wishes ... once we got there we realised that the online version of our email service does not have all our address info in it and no obvious way of achieving it other than manually cutting and pasting it in ourselves ... not the way i wanted to spend the holidays

look we do like you ... we wish you well ... we even like getting cards ... we even like getting the little round robiny newsletter things ... but faced with the yearly chore of writing xmas cards and addressing envelopes ... can't do it ... often run out of time ... forget until it is too late ... squabble aobut the who how and when

here's the deal ... anytime you need a bed ... dinner ... a shoulder to cry on ... just call ... no problem

we make no promises that we will ever get around to doing the xmas card thing ... wow if there isn't one already one of us should set up a business that takes an email/snail mail address list and do it for you ... sorry scratch that there is no way that i should setup such a business ... can't even do my own

apparently ... loving your friends is about loving them despite their faults :)

to make up for it and to end with a smile ... take 42 seconds of your life and watch this ... trust me it is worth it ... i know it is bad ... and you shouldn't ... but i so would :)

click here


sally said...

Oh, that video clip so made me laugh outloud..and I needed it!!! I did send Christmas cards to all my friends...but not you, which makes me feel even worse!!! But our relationship goes so much deeper than that.....hope NY was fun and lvoely xxx HNY

Rach said...

happy new year to you too - sorry we didn't get a chance to see you, seems we swapped sides of the atlantic!! I always have such good intentions with Christmas cards, but for the last five years December just seems to disappear before I get a chance to even purchase the cards!

and thanks for the laugh!