Sunday, December 03, 2006

Welsh Wales

the last few days have been spent mostly in Welsh Wales
a few days with the in-laws at their time-share eating far too much ... wandering around small welsh towns that seem to have an abundance of 'gift' shops where the word gift is debatable ... we played table tennis and took part in the pub quiz ... the previously two efforts have seen us win but this time we had to settle for fourth place ... not even in the medals ... we blamed the father in-law for arguing us out of answers we had given that would have secured us at least 2nd place

From there we travelled to Cardiff to visit nephew & niece who have just started at Cardiff Uni ... fed them a huge meal to ensure they survived until the christmas holidays ... no hotel rooms available in Cardiff due to a rally or something ... so a quick drive to Stroud to join some friends for a dinner party and a free bed for the night ... a scrummy meal ... wine ... deep conversation and whiskey into the early hours ... the kind of night that makes you glad for friends and full hotels

Back to London for a mid morning coffee and visiting the God Daughter ... my she's grown ... then finally back home for a proper shower ... proper coffee and wireless internet

the sat nav excelled itself ... drove a total of 700 miles ... across the middle of Wales and then right down the middle over the big hills with all the sheep and it never faltered ... i love technology when it works so well

11 days until we leave for New York ... did i mention we were spending Christmas in New York?


Sally said...

Oh, Steve..where are you spending Christmas again? I forget.....

Kathryn said...

Cardiff, Stroud...Would Cheltenham really have been too taxing? Hope to see you before too long. Where were you for Christmas,again?