Sunday, November 26, 2006

non jedi monks

note the colour in honour of monks habits :)

i spent the day at a Moot learning day
it was all about New Monastic ... community living ... urban monks
on this learning day i learnt ...

that people who go to Vineyard churches can be quite funny and nice to meet (but i still wouldn't want to risk it too often ... odds are against that being true all the time)

that i keep coming across (who i can only assume are evangelical types) who seem to insist that what they do in their church/worship/small groups is exactly the same as what you alternative groups do when quite clearly it isn't ... but feel free to believe that if it makes you happy you deluded little christian :)

that some christians can be very dull ... and others can be very funny and engaging ... so phew

that going by train is a bad idea

that i prefer conversations in bars and cafes to sitting in rows for hours on end (hmmm maybe it's the rows)

that i don't want to be a Monk ... partly because the clothing decisions each day are a little one dimensional ... and i really didn't like the vows of poverty and chastity thing (there was a third one i think but i was in shock at the first two and missed what it was) ... so i am guessing if i wanted to become a Monk ... urban or otherwise i would have to not shop in Harvey Nicks ... and i wouldn't get to have sex ... ever!! ... at least my way there is always hope :) ... i think this is a non starter for me ... and no before you start that is not the still small voice of God that you are hearing ... i think ordination is a pretty big step to be considering without getting silly


timskywalker said...

good to meet up with you steve, have the same feeling about the monk business, don't want that to become a habit.!...glad to hear that we didn't scare you too much and hope that you will see that vineyard, God and fun do mix, along with endless worship songs repeat three times.! blessings and stay in touch tim.

Anonymous said...

Thought of you this morning, steve. As we sang thesame 'chorus' (can we call them 'spiritual songs?') for the 7th time and the preacher man siad 'let's sing our heads off to God' - now that's what i call Vineyard (Volume 75)
Good to meet you yesterday - someone had to keep you company in the back row!