Sunday, December 17, 2006

We have gone away to New York for the duration of the Holidays (see how I speak the language) … consequently the blog entries will be a bit spasmodic and probably random subjects as I think of stuff … I was considering not blogging and having a rest from it then I realised if I did that I would forget stuff

It has been awhile since we have flown to an international destination … and wow has that experience changed … and yeah I know the reasons why but it was not a pleasant at all… over the years we have travelled a lot but this stressed us out … the longest queues ever at the UK end … no really long … you ain’t seen a long queue until you try and leave the country via a major airport … and little tables dotted along the queue with items on them that have been removed from passengers … it reminded us off the tables you get at marathons where the runners pick up water … only with deodorant/ribena/perfume/etc

The whole queue experience was enhanced by security staff walking along the line barking out instructions … despite all that has happened they would do well to remember that we are still customers and creating the atmosphere of a concentration camp is not the best customer relations exercise to adopt

Flight was delayed by an hour … with us in it … because of the security delays… hey here’s a thought if you are going to continue with this charade why not spend some of your ludicrous profits on extra staff and equipment to implement the procedures that you have imposed on us … on no of course what does it matter … after all it is only the time of thousands of passengers per day you are wasting … I have to pay you … turn up three hours before my flight … and then queue for over an hour to pass through a security system … be shouted at … have members of staff shove there way through the queue because they are trying to get to doorways and places that this long queue is blocking … and nobody is allowed to ever say a word about anything because that might mean you are being unpatriotic and they might just not let you on the plane … who let these people get so much power? … you provide a service to customers which they pay for … we need to claim back a little ground here … rudeness and stupid rules are still just that no matter how many baddies do bad stuff

Flight was good … I think my natural habitat is watching movies with people bringing me treats J

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