Sunday, December 17, 2006

JFK was another long tedious queue … just in front of us were a plane load from Korea … watching the security staff deal with them was interesting … I was listening my ipod and watching a mime of prejudice before my eyes … holding up a passport in front of someone’s face to compare and see if it was the same person … then calling over a colleague and them both discussing it in front of the person … well they look alike these foreigners don’t they … nothing but courtesy and smiles when dealing with us but then we are white, dress properly and have British passports … I wonder how they would feel if they could see their body language … an irony for me as I approached the desk was seeing a polite notice explaining how security staff would be courteous and polite etc etc … but of course this was only in English … so I guess what the Koreans don’t know won’t hurt them


hugger steward said...

Eurch... that's horrible. And the worst part is that it takes someone liek you stepping back and analysing the situation to realise quite how crap it is.

richard-webber said...

Aren't you glad that you have a british passport. I do have to go through these situations where ever I go. Atleast I am not a Korean nd I can speak English. One more hurdle for me to cross.
Well enjoy Newyork