Sunday, December 24, 2006

on the highway

we hired a Jeep SUV so we could get around easier ... this country really does operate best by car and we know all the arguments for not having an SUV but we figured we would never buy one it was the best country to to try one out

first couple of days were fine ... had just commented to the wife how we had done quite well so far ... no honking at us ... no hitting anything ... no going on the wrong side of the road ... when we arrived in Manhattan and parked in one of those walk away and little men look after your car for you type places ... i took the key out to open the trunk and as i put the key back my finger brushed a button and the car tooted ... i slammed the door shut and all the locks engaged ... there we were with the Jeep parked right in the middle of the entrance of the garage a line of traffic waiting to get in ... oh the shame

we started to call the rental company and the roadside assistance people (who just could not cope with the idea of calling an international number of a mobile phone) ... one of the garage attendants got a great big steel bar wedged open the door and flicked the door handle ... voila ... propblem solved ... much thanks and heavy tipping was met with a patronising smile and an assurance that they wouldn't do the same thing

we did have a sublime american moment ... as we entered the toll for the New Jersey Turnpike driving a Jeep the radio started playing Bruce Springsteen singing 'Merry Christmas Baby' ... doesn't get more american than that ... well maybe a little snow wouldn't have hurt

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Kathryn said...

Cant imagine you'll read this for ages and ages now, but just in case, have a really happy Christmas, both of you. Hugs xx