Monday, January 01, 2007

defies logic

before we left to visit America we called our bank
just to tell them we would be in another country for a couple of weeks
thye told it was ok there was no need to inform them

after two days in America our bank card was declined
the following day we called the 24 hour helpline
who told us that yes our card had been blocked
no they didn't know why
and the department who could help were closed

so we called back the next day

they checked our usage of the card as apparently it looked suspicious
(we had shopped in two different locations a couple of miles apart)

and they had tried to call us at home and got no response

yeah that was because we were ...
we called you before we left to tell you ...
is any travel viewed as potential fraud? ...

we will write and explain our frustration
challenge their stupidity
i am guessing all they can do is apologise

nothing makes you feel old like a world that defies logic


Kathryn said...

You couldn't make it up, could you?
Despite the idiocies of life (or maybe because of them) Happy New Year - and welcome home :-)

sally said...

Oh, England. Don't you just miss it when you are away!!! We do things so efficiently over here!! xxx

Helen said...

Happy new Year.

Lucy said...

Lol...well, happy new year! Can't believe you missed our stunning karaoke on boxing day...x

Alastair said...

Happy New Year Steve - been way tooooo long since been in touch, and have been moved, happy, provoked to a little deep thought and generally stimulatificated (as George W might say) by catching up on your blog this eve)

Not sure what to say about banks, they are pretty scummy and annoying most of the time, basically....