Sunday, December 17, 2006

The friends we are staying with live in a very swanky area … all multi millionaires … huge houses … and the most incredible Christmas light in the gardens … lights in the shape of little deer whose heads move and look as if they are nibbling the grass … yeah I know but I can’t help it I really really want one … scratch that … I want a herd

My favourite sign so far … Yield To Peds

met a man who knows my friends yesterday … just shook his hand … made a couple of remarks ... afterward my friends mention in passing that he has directed some episodes of the West Wing … so I shook the hand of someone who has shook the hand of CJ !! … haven’t washed the hand since

We are off to church in the morning this morning … mainly to see our friends kids in their nativity play and daddy sing in the choir … we will try not to heckle … actually I will probably not speak to strangers for fear of offending and bringing shame on my friends …they have to live here after we leave

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1 i z said...

"I want a herd"

Steve in the land of shiny things. Something like this was bound to happen...