Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Viking visit

have just spent the last 3 days in the company of Norwegians ... boy they are good for the soul ... well this boy's soul anyway ... a slightly odd experience as my friend came over with his 17 year old son ... a son who is almost the same age as his father was when i first met him ... where did all that time go? ... i have this theory that gets proved again and again ... if the child has turned out well then good parenting has probably played a part (naturally the reverse is also often true) ... this boy was a prime example of the theory ... he had the gentleness of spirit that i first saw in his father all those years ago ... it can't all just be down to genes surely has to be a bit of nurture at play

on impulse we drove up to Cambridge as soon as they landed on sunday and we joined a certain theological rock chick for a late lunch ... hope she felt as old as i did when she clapped eyes on the teen son of one our favourite norges ... it rekindled our desire to revisit their snowy land sometime soon

the norges spent monday doing all the touristy stuff (i opted out of that bit ... nothing new to feel about big ben) but went with them yesterday to hang out in Harrods and Harvey Nicks ... hey they wanted to! ... i didn't make them

We had mid morning ice cream sundaes which felt so decadent in november ... wandered about looking at very expensive things ... ate sushi for lunch ... never done that before and it was quite good ... hmmm steve approves of a nations eating habits ... well they can sleep easy tonight :)

they have gone home now and i am fighting the urge to follow them and turn up on their doorstep


1 i z said...

You've never eaten sushi before??? Well dang it - there goes your cosmopolitan image in my eyes.

Maybe you're not getting out enough, or perhaps you need to move to a more cosmopolitan city luvey. Or as I mentioned to you yesterday, we have a Harvey Nicks and TWO Selfridges thank you ;-)

timskywalker said...

no commnet on their wanting to go to hillsongs then...! tim