Sunday, November 12, 2006

some stray thoughts

if i ever meet a town planner socially ...
i was driving home the other day .. like you do .. and i started to muse on how awful the planning of traffic flow is ... bits of bus lane for 20 feet so traffic has to all move over to just move back again ... bad lane design at junctions so everything gets snarled up ... how hard would it be to have some 'experts' actually drive a route and find out what it is like to actually use the road ... often it would just take a slight correction to make everything work better ... i once went to our local council office to explain that some measures they had introduced in front of our house was dangerous and we had seen some near misses ... he wouldn't even come downstairs to discuss it, let alone visit the site ... i guess it doesn't bother them cos they don't have to deal with it on a daily basis

Gay is to Christian as Jew is to Nazi ...
or at least sometimes that is how it appears ... discuss

in an interview this weekend Jake Shears from the Scissor Sisters tells this story ...

We played a show in Ireland last summer and i had the weirdest experience: this mother, father and son came backstage ... They were asking for my autograph and my boyfriend, Chris, was there and at one point - I can't remember what we were talking about exactly - I mentioned my boyfriend and they got very indignant and said: 'Not in front of our son.' I said: 'You're talking to a gay person here and you're backstage at my concert. It's not an issue and if you have a problem with it you really shouldn't be here.' I looked at the son straight in the face and said: 'Homosexuality isn't a crime'

I can't recall if i have told this story before but a few months ago i was in a meeting where everyone was a Christian of one form of another. When i made a mild remark about supporting gays someone said: 'you wouldn't put a petrol pump up an exhaust would you, it's not natural that's all i'm saying'

Boy do we live in enlightened times! I am not surprised by the fundamental viewpoint i am sure no gay person of any persuasion needs me to tell them it is out there. What sickens me is that there seems to be a slight feeling that we have to allow these kind of remarks and let them go unchallenged.

let's go over it one more time shall we, when Jesus instructed us to love people he didn't have a list of exceptions, when he said love your neighbour he knew full well that some of them might dress a little flamboyantly and make your blood go cold, he also knew that you would have a problem with it ... your problem that you need to work on.

What somebody does in their bed is no business of yours and no just because they are gay does not mean they are going to go after your children.

three references in the Bible to committed homosexual relationships, none of which was condemned ... how many times and ways are we told to love people?

i applaud Jake Shears for standing up and looking people in the eye and challenging prejudice wherever he finds it, we should do the same.


Michael Radcliffe said...

Yes yes yes

We'll put a bus lane in that only buses can go in, then every 50 yards or so we'll put some 20 minute parking bays, so that the bus has to turn out of the bus lane and into the path of traffic again and piss everyone off.

We'll also put bus lanes and bus stops on the wrong side of the road, so that when the bus wants to continue on its route, it will have to plough through three lanes sideways, knocking pensioners, scooters, wing mirrors and anything that isn't nailed down into a big arc of detritus in the air that can be viewed from Wembley.

We'll also make the road go down from three lanes down to one then back to two again, even though the road doesn't get any narrower, thus leaving a trail of destruction and stabbings across the borough.

Actually, there's a Darwinian part of me that quite likes this state of affairs, as it means that only the quickest and most lithe survive, whereas the idiots and incompetent are wiped from the earth - leaving clearer roads and less of them to cause a nuisance when I'm trying to drive.

stuart said...


Thanks for the challenge, I was asked to preach on the subject of homosexuality and the Bible. I drew the same conclusions that in the end we are commanded to love one another. Lets start putting our efforts into sharing the love of God not using God as a stick with which we can beat people!