Wednesday, November 22, 2006

train of thought

so yesterday i abandoned the car to join the norges on the train and the tube ... after seeing them off i joined the wife and we travelled back together by train ... now i think i have mentioned before that i don't really do public transport ... partly because it is usually incredibly inconvenient for what i need to do and the time of night i end up returning home ... mostly because i hate it

i have used trains/buses/trams in other countries a lot ... i lived in Holland for 5 years and never owned a car and enjoyed using trams ... it struck me yesterday (a thought not a tram) ... all my life the trains and tubes in this country have been complete rubbish ... dirty ... unreliable ... uncomfortable ... it has always been so

i really don't understand why ... i have seen enough of other countries to know that it can be better ... if it takes some money make the money available ... as a nation we only put up with it because we have little choice

oddly i am gonna use the train more this week than ever before in the last ten years ... it happens that i have two more things this week that require me to go to something and return straight home so i figure it is cheaper this way ... off to load podcasts to the ipod ... well if i have to mingle with civilians!

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