Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Possible End To A Journey

After five years of fighting I finally have a hearing to decide on compensation for the sexual abuse I suffered. Too complicated to explain in any detail. It has reached the stage where a Barrister involved in these kind of cases has offered to represent me for no charge, as in his opinion it has become a landmark case.

If things don’t go well next month his next action is to take it to the High Court for a judicial review, so maybe it will be over maybe it won’t. Look, they started it by being stupid and take my word for it they have been really stupid.

So basically a load of weird things going on and in the middle of it all trying to get an apartment ready to rent, clear up the garden from all the lack of attention in the last month, spend the weekend with inlaws for a wedding that is weird to say the least. (no really I can’t for fear one of them will read it – see me in person for the hoinest viewpoint)

Gonna write some more soon - Promise – I am over the hesitancy and doubt – this blog is alive and kicking.


sally said...

See, faithful people who have checked your blog every day since March are rewarded with the beautiful sight of Steve coming back to the fold..but in a new way. Sorry i didn't see more of you at GB, but you are in my thoughts. You may be many things (camp, quite funny etc) but Alarmingly honest! Love you x

Juey said...

Steve, thanks for remembering a conversation many years past at GB, I appreciated the catch up's this year and your entertainment of the backstage possie at Centaur (don't mention the dancing), and it was an honour to provide you with those timely cups of coffee. Julie x

Caroline said...

great to see you back in blog land...and to have seen you at gb where you were indeed CQF.
thinking of you... hope the legal system gets something right for a change..

1 i z said...

Just to add to the list of adoring fans (oh you know how that sickens me, but none the less), good to seeing you blogging again mate.

Process your thoughts, let people around the country have snapshots into what is going on with each other - whatever - blog cos you want and don't blog if you don't want to. Just don't listen to the stupid opinions of people who know what of what they speak...cos it doesn't suit you darlin'.

Big stuff going on with you right now. Big love from here right now and always.

And loving the abbreviation idea Steve (BCQF)...this one will run and run ;-)

lilly said...

hey steve! boy did we miss you in blogland!
so glad to get your email today too.

and just wondering if the new ordination process would work for yanks too?

both lewin's would love to join the anglican ranks if we could come across the pond and get work : )
does being episcopalian count? : )
tell laura hello from her favorite crazy americans! love
ps really sorry the money fairy didn't bring the funds for greenbelt this year! especially since you say it was one of the best! i am sooo jealous.