Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Honesty In The Face Of Dishonesty

I have one of those situations which I can’t talk about much but makes me want to smash furniture and blow up cars, so I need to express some feelings in keeping with the new rules of no compromise no surrender.

I do a lot of work for a charity. The last year has been spent battling with two particular people who have now stooped to the level of trying to accuse me of fiddling expenses. Everything about the way they have gone about this leads me to the conclusion that it is a deliberate attempt to slur my name and remove me from my post.

Malice disgusts me. Underhand sly politics makes me want to slap people. Whispering evil in peoples ears makes me want to kill. Have spent the week examining the phrase ‘thou shalt not kill’ and can’t find a grey area at all.

So for now I am on hold until everyone can meet and discuss it. I am currently working on patience and understanding and calm and deep breathing exercises.

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Caroline said...

nah. just kill. go on you know you want to.