Thursday, September 07, 2006

bloggers can't live with 'em ... pass the beer nuts!

how do bloggers know? i no sooner write something after a long hiatus and they all swoop. maybe they just gossip much more than i do.

thanks for the encouragement. I think there is a little bit of debate needs to happen between Kathryn & Sally over the issue of faith. One eventually gives up and removes me and the other faithfully believes i will return. Or put another way, one gets the message and doesn't want to put their own readers through the annoyance of finding nothing there and the other just won't get the message. Of course another debate would be how in character their actions were. No leave them alone i was only kidding. :)

Julie the coffee was excellent and the care of you and your crew were exceptional. Nothing could be faulted and it has to be said that we never tell the support staff enough that you make it easier for all of us. take a bow.

and in the tradition of Greenbelt (and let's face it lovies everywhere) a funny little story to explain the BCQF reference ...

I was asked to go to the station to pick up a couple of workers only to find they had one more person who had blagged a lift in a strangers car. I cheerfully agreed and crammed bags and tents in my small boot and set off back to the site. The new girl was called Hannah and was a barmaid in the organic beer tent. pay dirt! She was young, pretty, intelligent and the dirtiest laugh. We had a fun 15 minutes and as i dropped her off i thought 'i hope i run into you again you were quite a laugh'.

A few hours later I hear the follow up story. Hannah the barmaid has been to the campsite and is late for her first shift in the beer tent. So she blags a lift (bit of a pattern emerging?) with a passing Ops vehicle (health & safety issues there but we will skip on) which happens to include my friend Liz (I use the term ‘friend’ loosely).

Hannah remarks on how she has been really lucky with lifts today as some bloke gave her a lift from the station. Can’t remember his name, bit camp … quite funny?

Liz, without missing a beat says ‘Steve?’

Liz breaks all speed dial records in her urgency to share this ‘funny’ story with me and by the next morning I can’t utter a single one liner without someone arching an eyebrow and remarking ‘hmmm ‘quite’ funny.

It’s the word quite that gets me. In time will I have to start jokes with the intro ‘I have a ‘quite’ funny joke … or be introduced … this is steve he’s ‘quite’ funny

Shelving any plans to do stand up … hardly the introduction to inspire confidence is it … ladies and gennulmen put your hands together he’s quite funny …

Anyway that’s what BCQF is about … Bit Camp Quite Funny

And yes I realise that I am not helping by repeating the story but then it helps to keep a little artistic control … these things can escalate


Kathryn said...

Of course, you could argue that the significant factor in Sally and my decisions (NB I left you on bloglines, so I knew the moment you surfaced ;-) )is that I now find myself making a profession out of matters of faith...thus, of course, nurturing cynicism instantly.
Don't think I've ever done cynicism before, but that's another issue.
Might be worth thinking about, though, as you consider the new route to ordination (no, seriously, it might).
Youngest Fleming was briefly confused in the wake of the Festival by the fact that G and I were now discussing 2 apparently different people...Steve the B and Steve QF Foster. Shall I let him read the blog?No..this way is more fun!

hugger steward said...

Does the "CQF" replace or add to the "the b"? I fear you could eventually have quite a string of letters after you name, and you know Liz would hate competition with her MICE and whatever else ;-)

(I've now got myself a blogger acount, just so that I can finally post here. Hope you feel special :-P)

Much love

steve said...

giles!! he of the back combed hair - nice to hear from - don't worry about the letters after my name thye change a often as the insults do - my friends say it they are terms of affection but i'm not convinced - sorry i hardly spoke to you at GB i was either walking or driving past you and late for something - nothing personal - thanks for guarding us so well - nice to see another youngster suckered ... i mean joining the team :)