Friday, November 11, 2005

plastered but still standing

Up with the crack of sparrows knee caps and off to the builders merchants to buy huge bags of plaster … lady wife decided there is no need for both of us to go so she stays in bed and leaves me to do all the humping alone (ooo err missus)

(international readers don’t even try to make any sense of that last paragraph)

After coffee and fresh doughnuts (method acting) we get going on the plastering … lady wife wears a baseball cap and assumes the role of plasterers mate … mixing plaster and fetching and carrying … had to reprimand her at one point … there was a bit too much spitting and swearing and general attitude problem … little too enthusiastic in her role playing

We managed to plaster four walls and just have a few little sections to finish off ... now I don’t pretend for a minute that mine are as silky smooth as the walls the builders have done for us in the past … but they are not bad and I think after a light sanding and a little filling here and there they will be fine

We are taking a little break today and tomorrow … just to give the plaster a chance to dry off … oh and to give our creaking bones a break … all this physicals labour is not good for me at my age

After that I have hours of paint stripping to look forward to …

Weekend off … lots of lounging and reading newspapers and sipping coffee


sally said...

Oh come on Steve, i think we need bum an all......

lilly said...

sooooooooo glad you're back in blogland!
i was about to get worried and have to send hudson across the pond to make sure you were ok!
don't you think he'd make a great apprentice in your home improvement business?
i am having a blast picturing the two of you with plaster all over you...and i agree we need pics of all of this!
tell the runner i was thinking of her last weekend during the nyc marathon...wondering if she was there...but now i know you both were slaving away on the homefront!
don't go away for so long ever again! those of us who check in do love your ramblings!
hope you're both having a restful weekend!
love lil

Kathryn said...

Oh really do tax my imagination sometimes, you know! Not sure whether to congratulate or commiserate, so think I'll make do with just giggling. But clearly you managed to get out of role sufficiently to entertain maggi, so all is well with the world really :-)

1 i z said... missed a bit!

(well someone had to say it)