Thursday, November 17, 2005

multi tasking hell

I am now having to plan my day around being clean or dirty
How much decorating stuff can I get done before I need to get clean to be able to get to that meeting in time

Have now pulled up some of the floor to be able to re-organise the wiring … it is very grubby under floor boards … I will have to hoover before I put it all back … slightly worrying to be fiddling with electricity (or magic as we call it in our house) I can get changing a plug wrong so this could be all over in a flash :)

We are at that everywhere is filthy and we can’t wait for it to be finished stage only this time it us who have to finish it we can’t just grumble about the builders taking there time

Did wood stripping and the stuff works so well … stuff as in - product we found like a putty - that you spread on - cover in cling film - then leave for a couple of days - then wash off to reveal smooth lovely wood …. compared to sandpaper and heat guns it was so easy … I told somebody about the product the other day and they remarked ‘hate to think what’s in that’ … no! no! no! … magic putty stuff works really well - not bad for environment … made of sugar and honey and currants and stuff … can’t hear you la la la la la

So next couple of days just a lot of fiddling and poodling and getting stuff ready for the big paint … ceilings and walls … or back ache and neck ache

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lilly said...

i love you steve! i would also love to know the name of this nifty product, as we have amazing wood work with at least 75 years of paint on it! and love those photos too! maybe santa will bring you nice gift certificates for manicures this year! you have been a very good boy, all that manual labor, sweat, etc.
tell laura hey from me!