Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Getting Plastered In The Afternoon

After a morning spent running around picking up supplies we eventually approached the task of plastering a wall … just a little wall to see how it turned out

Had a cup of tea, read The Sun, hitched up my trousers … lit a fag … and then made my first bucket of muck … well that’s what our builders called it

With the lady wife acting as plasters mate we had a go … good grief it was hard work … plasterers certainly earn their money … unfortunately I had a little section of wall beside me that the builders had done … mine was not up to scratch … but I think with a little sanding and some filling in the morning it will be ok

It was good enough to do the rest of the room … lady wife was working out how much she could hire me out to mates for … did I mention she was half Scottish?

We also got all the wood for the floor … slightly odd scenario of driving home with the roof down and 40 planks of pine floorboards sticking out the top of the Saab … we just stared straight ahead and pretended it wasn’t happening

Oh yeah and we got this cool thing called a plaster paddle … a long metal whisk that you put in your drill and you can mix paint and plaster and stuff … no more sticks and endless stirring … isn’t technology marvellous

Lots to do tomorrow but then a couple of days off while the plaster dries and then we can tackle more paintwork stripping

Lady wife goes back to work on Friday … hmmm leaving me with door and frame to strip … floor to lay … ceilings and walls to paint … replace all the furniture and books … ever get the feeling you’ve been had


1 i z said...

Given you have now discovered the gadget 'shopping opportunities' associated with DIY I presume there is a chance it will retain your interest for a little while if Laura really is taking bookings, I have a back bedroom that needs sorting...


Me said...

I need to change the ceiling in the livingroom. Will you be done with yours by February?

The "Trolley-dollie" ;-)