Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Greenbelt Pt 2

meeting up with Kendall Payne again and being able to hang out for most of the festival … eating breakfast together and meeting the guys from Rivertribe … still haven’t managed to hear them play but they were great company late at night and the start of each day … laughed so much … next job is to check out their websites ... kendall joining me for the debate on sex and loving how good she was ... and loving my wife ringing me the next morning and opening with the line 'and how was sex with kendall' ... to which of course as every husband would know there is no right answer to that :)

I saw very little in the sense I never made it to anything really … I saw shows that I was involved in and little snatches of bits of other things… wanted to see In Camera (friends of mine) as last year I only saw one song before I had to leave … managed three songs this year before an urgent matter arose … missed my favourite song which they dedicated to me … I guess it still counts even if you weren’t there to hear it

saw the Bedlam Oz 'slinky' people who were great fun ... but probably got more pleasure from all the little faces of wonderment as kids watched them in the arena

chased milton jones around site ... we are old friends ... never got to meet up ... always missing each other by minutes .... and got so frustrated by endless people who had just seen him perform repeating funny lines of his to me

loved the time snatched with friends ... one friend managed to come over specially to spend time with me which was so cool and such a nice thing to do ... i hospitilised him ... not because he came to see me ... and not actually something i did to him ... he managed to get some suntan cream in his eye which was all red and stining and sore for about four hours so i insisted he went to see the medics ... boy he protested ... but they did see to him and kept in for a bit ... i was a bit dissapointed that there were no drips or heart monitors involved in sorting him out and i didn't get to call his wife to his bedside for a huge emotional deathbed scene ... all in all not so exciting for me as say ER or Casualty ... but i did save his life so that's ok :)

loved the moment on the contributers patio when the fire alarm went off and we evacuted the building and then someone watched the door while i went to search the patio for whoever was wearing the venue managers badge ... ie the person that was supposed to be clearing the building and guarding the entrance until the all clear ... found him and asked what he thought he was doing to be met with the reply 'look someone said there was a fire so i ran away' ... refreshingly honest but time for a review of our briefing procedure methinks :)

and those mad half hours spent with dfg boys who have their own weird slant on life at greenbelt ... never failing to make me laugh and always but always putting everyhting in perspective like only they know how

and the bacon rolls that a friend kept supplying when i hadn't eaten for over six hours ... oh and the cups of coffee ... and the running out to buy me laces when mine broke

and the youths you meet late at night ... who stop and speak to you just because you are there and you meet as equals like you wouldn't at any other place in this world

and the amazing moments when you stop and look across the site at all the people and all that is happening and realise that you helped make this incredible thing

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Rach said...

Awwwww - it sounds wonderful. I really missed you all. Trying desperately to find new ways to attempt to get US immigrations to speed up with my green card so I can leave and re-enter at will...any suggestions...? Pennies are being saved up for flights next year, so here's hoping!