Monday, September 05, 2005

Post Greenbelt pt1

A long silence usually means activity in real life and the past ten days has meant Greenbelt activity … it all passes in such a rush … so I thought I would just write some stuff down that are like fleeting images in my head … probably have to be in bits as I am trying to catch up with real life

Let’s start with funny stuff … I will probably remember more but I have a head full of laughter … so many one liners so little time

T-shirts … they make me laugh … well not so much the shirt as the things written on them … my all time favourite still has to be a friend who a few years ago carried the slogan ‘Jesus Loves You But I’m His Favourite’ … I begged him for that shirt but he wouldn’t hand it over

New for this year on my friends T-Shirt … ‘My Rice Krispies Made Me Do It’ … on a lady with large chests ‘Twin Air Bags Fitted As Standard’ … and the simple yet effective lady wearing the legend ‘I Love Boobies’

Funny moments … keeping an eye on an act called Bedlam Oz who were using industrial size venting tubes to create large lifelike slinkies … as they wrapped themselves around each other like huge worms wriggling in and out and around … a woman standing near me muttered ‘disgusting and with children watching’ … I was speechless … I think that was probably the disgusting corners of your mind love

First night on site … 1 am … walking with a friend across the site and I noticed two stewards with a camera with a huge lens looking as if they were taking photos in the dark

Me: what are they doing taking photos in the dark?
Steward: (who knew me apparently) it’s a night vision camera … come up one night and we’ll let you have a look
Me: how empty do you think my life is (i start to walk away)
Steward: I read your Blog

devastated !


1 i z said...

It was a good line though admit it?

Not often I see you stopped in your tracks hon ;-)

And the culprit/wit was a certain Jim Stewart aka Fat Controller.

He can be found here:

Now you can judge whether his blogged life is any more full than yours...

lilly said...

sure missed being with you guys last week!
how's the birthday girl?
did she get to the spa this year?
tell her hello and happy birthday from us!
keep posting!
it's always great to hear from you
and the runner coming to new york this fall?

jim said...

I never claimed my life was full! I even have time to read all these blogs...

Thanks for all you do at greenbelt both on site and through the year by the way - means a lot.

Oh - and just for the record - anybody that says "Do you know who I am?" to me must be inviting me to do so...