Thursday, September 08, 2005

Greenbelt Pt 3

Stuff I did

My main role is the performing arts team and our responsibility is to look after artists when they arrive on site and make sure that they have all they need for their shows … which was made slightly more difficult by the size of the site this year … needed to clone myself to be able to get from one side of the site to the other and be in two or three places at once … we agreed we need some runners next year as so often you would find yourself on one side and needing to get a key right over the other side of site … keeps you fit but wears you out

Had a small but effective team looking after the look and the feel of the Contributers Patio … a grand name for an area for festival speakers and performers to plug in laptops … do work … have meetings … enjoy tea and coffee … our brief was to make it a little more habitable and easy on the eye … think we managed to achieve that … had a little area of outside games like jenga/draughts/noughts and crosses which seemed to be enjoyed by all ages … the laptop and phone charging area was used a lot and people seemed to like the vibe of the room … we strung some lights over the entrance which according to one friend from a distance made it look like we had a bordello on the patio … i think that was polite for brothel

had endless meetings with people ... starting to see one friends viewpoint who claims that after twenty minutes he loses all interest

someone suggested that i had ADD but frankly i couldn't be bothered to listen to them ... just kidding ... i don't think i have ... i mean i can listen to my wife go on about the technical details of her work for at least ten minutes before i start thinking of ways to kill myself ... and i can watch a film without getting bored (if i don't fall asleep that is) ... and i can shop for hours (but then that is flitting form one nice thing to another so maybe that doesn't help my defence) ... it was an american that suggested it and they actually said 'oh you're like me you've got ADD' ... what is this thing to label every naunce of our behaviour?

i have always freely admitted to a low boredom threshold and being as shallow as a puddle i think that's quite enough to be going on with ... and so what if i do have ADD ?... does that make me a bad person ?(no steve other things make you a bad person ... here is a list) ... the thing that always offends me about any label is that i don't want to be defined by a label ... i consider myself to be unique and there is no set of labels that come close to describing me ... and that is not your cue to try and make a list :)

i also got caught up in a conversation with some friends about how awful blogs are and that they are pointless and vain (blogs not my friends) ... they hadn't read my blog so i didn't take it as personal ... but it had never occurred to me that people would be so against them ... never thought of them as vain either ... i just kinda fell into them really ... some egging on from friends who had blogs ... a little curious i guess and so it goes before you know it it has been over a year

see i get accussed of being ADD and i have managed to sustain a blog for over a year ... well i say sustained ... i have dribbled on about utter nonsense most of the time ... ranted about this and that ... i doubt it adds much to the general landscape ... if nothing else it stops be moaning on to my wife or friends about stuff that riles me ... i have a first port of call if you like

ADD ... i mean i ask you .... oh look something shiny and glittery over there :)

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1 i z said...

Steve honey you are certainly unique.

And I thank God for your uniqueness.

Regularly I mutter heavenwards "Thank God there's only one of him"...


Seriously though - ignore the blog detractors. The issue of 'arrogance and vanity' came up in that blog panel thingy I did ( me = token shallow ). My considered opinion is this...if you're writing to address the world then yes it's a bit arrogant, but only in the same way publishing an article or book is. If like myself though you're only doing it because you enjoy it and it communicates with friends, then I'd suggest it's no more arrogant or vain than any other form of correspondence - it's basically a form of conversation, taking to yourself, talking with firends and accepting the odd eavesdropper may stumble by.

Of course if you don't have comments then that becomes rather more of a one way process and to be honest I find people who blog like that...well yes a tad arrogant.