Wednesday, July 13, 2005

long post

well i did it again ...
too busy living to be bothered/have time to blog/remember to blog

what a week in the life of a city ... we were together and not in london on that day but the stress of waiting for a roll call of friends and family was unbearable stress ... thankfully as yet nobody we know was caught up in it ... lots of people checking on laura and eveybody rightfully assuming i would never go anywhere near public transport ... words are not enough to express the horror and anger at such mindless killing ... i guess every nation has at some time or another done things they should be ashamed of in the name of something they believe in (we are no exception) ... but that doesn't help to understand any of this

one thing that always strikes me is the the way the media in the absence of any actual facts say nothing for quite some time and the clangers they broadcast sometimes (do they never think what reaction people might have)... our favourites on the day was the radio reported that a goverment spokesperson was quoted as saying that 'the goverment were taking this very seriously' ... good ... nice to know that they don't think it is a right laugh ... and my sister reading out to us the bbc tickertape running across the bottom of the screen and quote 'the met police believe this to be a co-ordinated attack' ... oh ok well they seem to have their best teams on the job ... sheesh a child of 6 could have worked that one out

can't seem to shake the feeling that nobody is safe and that just laura going off to work could mean the last time i see her

and today reports of the police having found the bombers ... as an american remarked via email last night 'Sounds like you have top notch investigators' ... yeah it does and i'm impressed ... stuff being reported how they did things like too fingerprints from thousands of used underground tickets ... found them on CCTV footage ... i mean those two tasks alone are a phenomanal thing to do ... nice to see that when they set their minds to it they get the job done ... makes no difference what i think but i reckon we will all have a bit of respect for the speed and skill in getting them so quick

and i don't want to forget the fact that this is amazing brilliant news ... it will do so much for london and the country ... laura spent the weekend asking nephews and neices whihc event they were going to enter ... mainly slightly bemused responses as i don't think the thought had occurred to them ... according to laura the rule is that as the host nation we can enter as many people as we like for each event ... the law of averages means we must get more medals ... i think it is exciting and fun to be the host nation

work load is huge at them moment for the festival but also fun ... am wearing four different hats this year ... working on the performing arts team ... hosting holy joes debates ... keeping an eye on ACG stuff ... and looking after a vibe team for the patio ... maybe i should actually get four hats so i don't get confused which role i am doing at any one time

a friend and i think it would be a good idea each night at the debates to run a campaign to have a rest year liek glastonbury ... see if we can egt people to sign a petition ... or the other idea we had was to do like stevie wonder did in america where he campaigned for martin luthers birthday to be a holiday ... if we can discover something in early june that would be a good reason to have a bank holiday then we could do greenbelt on that weekend and we would get our summers back

i'm not really grumbling i can't imagine life without greenbelt but it can be exhausting ... maybe one year i should just take off and just attend the festival ... maybe we would all learn stuff if we did that ... but you know what it is like if you are passionate about something and think it matters then you do whatever it takes to make it happen
yesterday was spent cleaning our kitchen ... i mean the kind of every drawer and cupboard cleaned and tidied kinda cleaning ... took all day and it was quite hot ... by five i was on my knees cleaning the floor and thinking that was a job well done and then laura comes home cooks some food and messes it all up again ... i shall have to ban her from touching stuff it's the only way to keep it all neat and ordered


1 i z said...

I'm mused more about our ideas for 'getting our summers back'.

Much as a year off appeals on many levels, don't you think we'd all kind of feel a bit flat come August?

So I'm thinking the MLK idea has more mileage. I reckon we find someone with a birthday in early June and then persuade them to give up their life in a stunning act of selfless sacrifice that benefits all of humankind in some way...ok so I probably need to work on the details of that latter bit more, but...

Kathryn said...

You can have my birthday (1st June) anytime...but do I really have to be assassinated to justify Greenbelt??

Caroline said...

more 'martyred' than 'assassinated' really kathryn....

1 i z said...

OK. So we have our victim...errr i mean willing Martyr.

Now we just need to come up with the amazing cause and nature of death that will secure us a national holiday.

Thinking caps on folks!

Caroline said...

well, i am one pedestrian away from an ace......;)

Sally said...

You really all have lost it. haven't you??? (from one who knows.....)