Sunday, July 03, 2005


madonna did a blinding set ... stylish and strong
robbie was excellent a fantastic mixture of cocky showman and confident performer
excellent seeing stevie wonder performing
liked razorlight

hope it has the desired effect ... that has to be the biggest mass protest ever ... if they don't listen now maybe everyone who was at a Live8 concert or who watched should just agree to not vote them into power next time ... wonder how you could achieve that one ... but if they won't listen to the people they should be grounded and no more pocket money

still mildly obsesses with the new Coldplay album ... ok i have to play it every day ... but that's normal isn't it?

my book has finally been returned from friend who has been editing it for me ... well adding teacher like comments ... so now i ahve to go and do some more work on it ... so i think a nice cup of tea before i find something else that will delay actually working

i want to finish it before the greenbelt madness starts ... so that i know it is done and i can start finding out how you get something published ... hmmm there might be a slight delay before it is seen in print

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lilly said...

very jealous! sounds like you have had way too much fun for one week!
i too hope the live 8 and marches happening this week actually cause mr.bush to wake up and smell the coffee!
as well as other leaders of the G8!
i have a new publishing friend!
so let me know if you need anything from across the pond! love to you and the runner! lil