Saturday, July 23, 2005

summertime and the living is ... weird

London & the blitz spirit
is it just me or does anyone else find all the media comment about londoners defience and our 'blitz spirit' a bit daft. What choice do most people have, they have bills to pay and daily jobs to turn up for, and for most the only way to travel is the tube or the bus. The fear that exists daily won't go away for a long time, there is nothing to say that just because these few get caught that there won't be a lot more terrorists to follow. Of course we don't want to be afraid and there is no way that we want terrorists to win and scare us into not living our lives, but i am not sure that it is more a case of necessity than defience.

art at greenbelt
so the secret mission was that i almost had the show ART for Greenbelt. My friend was appearing in the national tour which has just ended and we had two of the cast and a friend who was willing to learn the third part ... had everything lined up ... had even found some leather chairs for the set (thanks to Liz and a venue manager) ... had Rev K helping me with other bits i might need ... just about to draw up the programme entry when one of the three actors dropped out due to landing a job with Kenneth Brannagh and his latest show ... trying so hard not to be bothered by being so close and yet so far ... even considered learning it myself but then realised that not having learnt a script in many years this was probably not the time to find out if i still could.

struggling with the lack of rain this summer ... everything seems to flower for five minutes then be over ... i do have a ten foot sunflower ... well actually i have six sunflowers all started off in the same soil and the same greenhouse and planted out at the same time ... they are all different heights and different size flowers ... not sure what that teaches us but i am sure it something.

my lawn is half brown, my soil is all dried and cracked (london clay being the main content), my plants keep wilting ... i keep on doing a little bit of watering ... probably not supposed to as i am sure a hosepipe ban is due any day soon.

read it ... not bad ... shocked by the death ... didn't expect that to be the person
nice little piece in the paper this morning ... someone hang a banner off a footbridge giving away who is killed off in the harry potter book ... funny but cruel :)

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