Wednesday, June 29, 2005

coldplay day

well yesterday was officially Coldplay day in our house basically that meant playing Coldplay music and getting very over excited at the prospect of seeing them later that day

friends arriving late so delaying the going to the gig ... but other friends kindly keeping us seats in the stands ... watched support bands Morning Runner and Interpol ... nothing to write home about in fact i wouldn't even call let alone write ... torrential rain accompanied the support bands and everyone starting to look a bit soggy ... as

Coldplay took to the stage three of our friends decided they just had to be down there in the stadium ... i thought about it but couldn't face the idea of being soaked through all evening ... so i stayed put and pondered if this was the point where i was getting old ... rather be dry and comfortable than wet and closer

as they took the stage there was more rain and lightning which was dramatic ... i don't think they arranged that but you never can tell with special effects and CGI nowadays the show was stunning ... we were all talking before leaving for the gig that we loved the music but couldn't quite see how they would transfer it to the stage ... i guess if you throw enough money at the problem it can make a lot of difference to the look and feel of a show ...

the lighting and sound and the production values were amazing ... it looked and sounded excellent ... chris martyn was an engaging front man ... no Bono but good all the same ... so pleased to have seen them ... have spent all day whistling the tunes and playing more of the same and feeling quite smug at having seen them

next REM in Hyde Park .... oooo very excited about that ... love the band never had a chance to see them ... always in the wrong city at the wrong time or hear about the tickets going on sale after they have sold out ... so thanks to L&J who had a spare ... always said they were nice people but nobody would listen :)

have quite a cultural couple of weeks ... parties ... concerts ... hampton court flower show ... seeing my friend in the show ART ... hmmm i think it might be summer off to read magazines and drink coffee ... well we all need downtime

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