Tuesday, June 28, 2005

pre coldplay

well i have spent the evening getting people to the coldplay concert ... met one people carrier load and led them around the back streets to the stadium ... then ran my sister and her husband there (they are all from deepest southampton so they get lost in the big city) and they all came back for coffee ... i am going to tomorrow night but it was a bit weird taking people somewhere that i really wanted to be ... then being able to hear it from my house

trying to find a reallt good site to tell me how to do stuff on my blog ...blogger is useless at instructions on specifics ... why call it 'help' ... it never does

i seem to have a renewed interest in my blog and blogging generally ...no idea why ... actually it might be that i quite like sitting in my garden with my wireless connection and my ultra fast broadband and whiling the time away reading blogs and fiddling with mine ... probably is i don't really know what i am doing ... i get worried about breaking it ... one slip of the mouse and it would all be gone

i am sure at one time i worked out how to do photos and i have forgotten ... and also how to do little pics on the sidebar of album sleeves and book covers ... some people have two sidebars which is cool ... actually it can look a little cluttered .... all kinds of things i want to try but i fear it means learning a little more html than i currently know ... i have always felt i knew enough but apparantly not

anyway it is tomorrow now and i should get some sleep and i will be very over excited tomorrow cos tomorrow is coldplay day ...hurrah

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Kathryn said...

Do enjoy Coldplay....my teens had to choose between them and U2, so U2 won...but they are also heading to REM and Oasis (not sure why the latter...but then I'm old and uncool. Did you get Live8 tickets in the end?