Wednesday, March 02, 2005

jamie vs school dinners

i just watched the latest episode of jamie's dinners
i was very moved ... it drives me crazy that as a nation we treat children like this
like jamie i don't think we should be feeding them restaurant food but we must be able to do better than what they are getting

those burgers were disgusting ... they looked grey
and i agree that we need to get them young ... i don't blame the kids it is probably the only food they know

thought it was very interesting that the family who stopped all artificial food/sugar etc had calmer children ... maybe we are creating a nation of aggressive crazy children for the future and it will serve us right

how come people will campaign about animal rights but not this ...grrrr

and as for jamie oliver ... i am so impressed with him ... he doesn't have to do this ... he doesn't need the money or the exposure and i wish there was a way that i could help ... i don't have kids so i don't have any say in any school ... and it's not like you can show him any support

and when all those kids ate all the lunch and cheered mavis the dinner lady ... so sweet

if you haven't seen the programme tune in next week (ch4 9pm wednesday) it is riveting/informative and good

can we knight him or something ?


1 i z said...

The programme was rivetting wasn't it?

Whilst I think Jamie was a little out of touch to despair that 6 year old kids from County Durham don't recognise asparagus, it was genuinely shocking when the class thought leeks were kiwi fruit, and rhubarb, onions etc and viewed a fresh strawberry as if it were an alien life-form.

I too couldn't believe the crap they were serving up to the kids. So frightening.

Plus it seems to be demonstrating that if you start them on turkey twizzlers and alien faces young, they'll be almost impossible to change when they're older.

Good on Jamie indeed. His 15 venture was pretty impressive and this seems to be following suit.

I also thought his honesty about "let's face it, my kids aren't going to go to state schools" was refreshing.

Let's hope this starts enough outcry to start changing things. Go on Steve become a school governor ;-)

Sally said...

Liz, just what I was going to say. But only if they broadcast the school governors' meetings! (: