Sunday, February 27, 2005

ebay everything you own

ebay entered our life with a bang this week
the missus is running the NY marathon this year and decided that she wanted a union jack hedy (kind of thin material you do a fancy twisty thing with to make what looks like a swimmers cap) (don't laugh it makes you run faster) ... anyway someone (who will get a smack when i find out who it was) helpfully suggested that ebay might have one ... and so it goes

here we are one week later with our house turned into a jumble sale

well you know how it is one thing leads to another ... you start off looking for something and then you notice stuff that you have is being sold and yours is better or cooler or something and so we started thinking that it can't be that hard to sell stuff ... one morning i am faced with the surreal moment of a high earning city executive getting quite excited that her power puff girls hedy (cartoon character apparantly) has just got a bid of £2.30 ... i remind her of her annual salary and get a filthy look for my troubles ... just trying to keep a little perspective

then we figured that if we had other things we could sell we could start an ipod fund ... ok not as noble as comic relief or tsunami appeals but in our little world it was exciting ... so we started to hunt around and clear out the loft ... some old psion pda's ... loads of old cd singles (well i did own a record shop) ... a so passe minidisc player ... some videos ... all uploaded and we have spent the weekend huddled over our computers and musing on the phsycology of the average ebayer

late this afternoon saw us watching a bidding struggle over the power puff girls hedy in it's last few minutes of auction eventually going for £5.50 ... oh how we celebrated

like all addicts we are now faced with what happens when we have nothing left to sell

our ipod fund was supplemented by a 4 number win on the lottery last night so it's champagne all round


Jude said...

Wow! 4 numbers on the lottery! what's that these days... about £31?? x

1 i z said...

I had a friend who got into ebaying. She stopped eventually when we made her calculate her hourly rate for all the effort she was putting in.

Made the minimum wage seem generous...

Is it this century's version of Betterware/Klenezee selling?

steve said...

jude ... it was actually £87 ... not to be sniffed at but apparantly not impressive enough for missus to give up work ... go figure

liz ... very good point whihc i told missus but apparantly it is a hobby and it is the fun of it ... slightly worried about that wild flash in her eye whenever her ebay activities are even slightly criticised ... i'm an ebay widow :)