Thursday, March 03, 2005

5 Questions

The 5 questions game ... this is how it works ... someone sets me 5 questions and i answer them and then ask for 5 volunteers for me to set 5 questions for them ... they answer the questions on their blog and ask for 5 volunteers ... and so it goes

Liz set me these 5 Questions ...

If you could only keep one technological advancement from the past 10 years, which would it be and why?
i think it will have to be a mobile phone ... predictable but i really can't imagine how i would live without it ... but the same can be said of my ipod ... my coffee machine ... (sigh) ... no let's stick with mobile phone

What is the biggest misconception you fear people have about you?
ooo sly one ... that i get angry for no reason ... i always always have a reason ... not always a good one but a reason all the same ... oh and the other one would be that i am not as shallow as i make out ... i really am ... shallow as a puddle ... no depth whatsoever ... nothing wrong with shallow just the opposite to deep

If you had to lose all your five senses bar one, which would you want to keep?
aarrghhh ... what a question ... just spent five minutes going yes but no but yes but no ... i think i will settle on sight ... at least then you could write things ... i was chuffed that Liz thought i had any sense at all

What did the last text message you sent say?
asking a friend the name of the diner with singing waiters just off Broadway that i went to with him so i could tell a friend where to find it ... that's Broadway New York in case anyone thought i meant Ealing Broadway

What do you think your life will be like in 20 years time?
my life doesn't get much better than it is right now so i guess more of the same but older and wiser ... as in love ... as obsessed with gadgets ... surrounded by friends and drinking coffee ... see i didn't lie shallow like you wouldn't believe

Answers on your blogs please!And see Steve, I resisted asking why you have so much Cliff Richard and Amy Grant on your iPod.Mainly because there is no good answer to that one…
tut tut ... liz we had a deal ... you would never mention my ipod secrets and i will stop stalking you ... booking an online ticket to t'north as i type :)

ok now i need 5 volunteers ... and this is where we found out just how many people will fess up to reading this blog let alone volunteer for me to set them questions ... come on people don't make me look like steve no mates ... ok cash for questions it is :)


Kathryn said...

Love you dearly, steve, but I've already done my stint with the game.
One bout of soul baring is enough even for me, and even in Lent!

DaveF said...

Sorry mate I don't blog so you can't ask me! Though I do have a blogger account just so I can comment so I suppose you could...

Anyway I was just checking the S:VOX site (killing Friday lunchtime). I wondered if GB had run "supporting survivours" seminars aimed at friends of those who have been abused. Rings bells but I don't think I attended any which I would be interested in doing. Might be a helpful thing?

Kathryn said...

Oh yes, please, please, please...As Dave says, this would be hugely helpful. In fact, can I sign up now even if there's nothing to sign up for?

1 i z said...

There was a seminar on the subject a couple of years ago.

I bought the tape, but didn't find it too helpful I'm afraid.

As I remember it, it was all either rather obvious or aimed at 'partners' as opposed to friends/family.

Shame really...

1 i z said...

Oh and I forgot to say - I liked the answers Steve!

As for crediting you with sense in question number three, well I did very clearly only credit you with five senses, which assuming we go with the obvious sight, sound, touch, taste and smell, leaves no room for common sense or indeed fashion sense...

Oh shit, have I just given you a *reason* to get angry?

luv ya!