Thursday, February 03, 2005

unfinished sympathy

jumbled up playlist of massive attack has accompanied my afternoon ... you forget how much you liked some music ... then you press play and it all washes over you again ... love that

last couple of days reading robbie williams biography 'feel' by chris heath ... (well it was half price in Borders and i needed something to read while killing some time) ... but he is fascinating ... his world is now so weird ... love his one liners ... but then he does do cheeky so well ... was a good light read ... in fact i would go so far as to recommend it

the first crocus appeared in our garden this afternoon ... which seems a little early ... but then i am no expert ... but it was nice to see a sign of spring

(short break to fetch tea) ... you didn't need to know that but it seemed polite to mention

as part of my trying to reduce/give up smoking i no longer smoke in the house ... so i slip outside the back door in all weathers to puff away and muse ... got to thinking how much i like having access to just walking out into a garden ... we spent most of our married lives in apartments and it is one of the things i really like about living in a house ... of course a garden means having to do gardening ... we are not natural gardeners ... our knowledge is gleaned from what our mums and dads know and what we can find out from websites

websites are great ... well i guess i mean the internet is great ... it is like having a massive library at your fingertips ... hope it doesn't ever get switched off ... had a friend once who was taking reduncacy ... rang him up and asked he was doing in his last week ... oh he said bit bored finished my work, read the internet, not much left to do really .... loved the idea that you could just read all the internet in an afternoon ... the dozen blogs i read is hard enough to keep up with

need to go and do something sensible and worthwhile


rob said...

Listening to Annie Lennox and getting ready to fall asleep. Thinkin and prayin for you. Believe in you. Love to read your posts. Keeps me happy. Love the "tea break."

rob said...

please blog, can't comment with no posts.