Thursday, February 24, 2005

... and relax

well that was a hectic couple of weeks
did a weekend of greenbelt stuff ... saw friends/worked hard/got very tired
mother had her 70th birthday dinner and spent the evening swearing blind she was 60 and we had all got it wrong ... time for the home methinks

and now the house is full of workmen plastering and decorating ... we don't do that kind of thing anymore ... we used to but it is much better to leave it to people who know what they are doing ... but it does mean that i am confined to quick visits to the kitchen to get coffee and scuttle back to the study to do work or the lounge to read the paper ... everything inbetween is covered in dust and there are wet sticky bits of wallpaper everywhere

it is our own fault we did invite them ... but i really really hate it ... i imagine it is like giving birth in the sense that there is a point reached where you forget about the pain and how awful it is and you find yourself starting sentences with do you think we should have another one/decorate the hallway

so i have sat here catching up on emails and bits and bobs between cups of coffee ... suddenly remembered i hadn't blogged in ages ... does this count? ... well let's call it a little 'post it' blog ... a plog if you will

just a little plog until i can think of something worthwhile to write ... coffee break

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Sally said...

Having the decorators in and childbirth....???????? Steve, steve, steve you have no idea.....