Monday, January 31, 2005

rant no.2

just don't bother reading this ... it drives me insane when it happens so reading about it will only send you to the kettle or the vodka or whatever your drug of choice is

unsolicited phone calls
drive me mental ... their logic defies ... well logic really
someone from a company called 'Bright Finance' (and there is the first problem cos i bet they're not in any way bright) ... they want to speak to my wife ... she isn't here i say who is calling? ... we are Bright Finance and we are calling about her application ... i explain that we are always extremly careful to tick the box asking for our details NOT to be passed on have an ex-directory number and are registered with the Telephone Preference Service and would they please remove our number from their list ... they can't do that because it is my wife's details and the data protection act doesn't allow me to do anything ... oh and basically they will ring this number to talk to my wife any time they want ... apparantly

cheeky sods
surely the data protection act also exists to protect me a consumer as well as their data files
i the consumer have told them i do not want them calling my number
they don't own the number i do
we have never ever ever been in touch with any company called 'Bright Finance' and wouldn't want to now even if they were giving away money ...well maybe then we might

blood pressure high ... pulse racing ... red mist slipping down over my eyes

ollie if you are reading this while drinking a cold beer in the searing heat of latin america you can sod off you smug little git :) ... and don't you dare email me and tell me to chill :)

they always call in the evening ... just at that point when your mind slips from work and responsibility and is sliding towards relax and unwind zone ... and these utter bastards call you up without a by your leave (what does that expression mean?) and start arguing with you about their right to annoy you any time they want

and what on earth do they think you are going to think the next time you hear the name of their company ... ooo goody i can't wait to do business with them ... i dont think so

going to the fridge now to pop open a cold beer and calm down
light a cigarette and ponder how life will be when i am king
then things will be better ... no really i have some great plans :)


1 i z said...

Whilst it pisses me off that BT charge for the service, I have to say having calls from witheld numbers barred from getting connected has removed this stress from my life wonderfully.

The only problem is a friend has (for good reason) a permanently 'witheld' number so she has to ring the mobile!

Tom Allen said...

Working from home this is real pain so I and a whole group of other said homeworkers (mainly youth workers, clergy and musicians I know) play this game:
If you have a hold or silent button just use it, or if not ask them to hold and carry on an imaginary conversation and see how long you can keep them waiting only then to say you are not interested - our record is 14.34 minutes - it relieves the stress if sounding a little sad!!

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