Monday, January 17, 2005


yeah church ... hmmm
on a whim i decided to drop in on headspace
(every sunday evening 7pm)

dunno why really ... had just heard about it and figured if i didn't go now i would never make it
really struggle with the fashionable/trendy/alt thing right now ... alt is a state of mind in my book ... when they all move on to the next thing we will have to hold our ground ... evolving is fine no problem with that ... my issue is not with the trappings of worship ... i want to take to task the leaderships and the power abuse and the tendency for watering down christ and chasing the dollar ... that one will run and run ... back to this another day

have just added ollie link to my list
spent the afternoon setting up a blog for him to use as he sets off to south america
if you know him then please go there and wish him well on his journey
we have been looking at his itinerary and mapping his journey ... quite a trip
all starts tomorrow with a 7,000 mile flight
starting to dawn on me how far away he will be


lilly said...

hey there!
glad to get updated on your life!
love you and your blog!
and all thru the holidays we all had "we miss steve"
hudson said it too!
glad laura reads your blog's when the parents and/or siblings
start reading that it gets really weird.
hoping to refill the piggy bank so we can come see you soon...
or if you're coming this way, please let us know! love to you and laura! lil

Kathryn said...

Went to Ollie's site, as Luci was very anxious to wish him calm seas and prosperous voyage...but as he doesn't seem to have posted yet, it wasn't possible to comment. Please pass on a hug from his groupie in Cheltenham ;-)and love and prayers from me too x