Wednesday, January 19, 2005

bits and bobs

since the day before christmas eve we had the first night without anyone else in the house ... very odd ... maybe we should run a hotel

spent two hours this morning waiting for someone in the hospital ... i must be getting old £1.09 for a cup of tea!! ... ok it was twinings but i mean really ... i am sure it used be 'spare ten pence for a cuppa mister' ... sheesh ... mind you what we pay for a cup of coffee in london

thanks to james for the search engine thing for blogs ... ooo i thought how helpful ... you type in a name and hundreds of people are listed ...hmmm ... it needs a button called 'no not them the one i know'

wife just got promoted today ... champagne on ice ... everything poised to celebrate ... i knew she was brilliant but it is nice for it to be recognised outside the house :)

a friend sent me here ... oh dear adding appliances to my wishlist as we type

my friend ollie got stuck in paris ... missed his connection to buenos aires due to a delayed flight so they put him up in a hotel ... very jealous of that ... 24 hours in paris with someone else picking up the tab ... heaven

finished first draft of book yesterday ... now the wait for editor remarks and start all the corrections ... in no time at all i will be searching for a publisher ... gulp

i've been to paradise but i've never been to me


Kathryn said...

Congratulations on finishing the book...wish I had legions of helpful publishing contacts up my sleeve, but I guess they might be a bit uncomfortable there. Nonetheless, here's to smooth progress towards the bookshops xkx

lilly said...

i am out of the loop...what is your book about?
are you letting anyone read it ahead of time?
i'd love to!
congrats to you on the book!
and congrats to laura on her promotion!
and you know that you and laura are the best host and hostess in the uk!
love from you fan club in the states!