Sunday, January 16, 2005


have my itunes on shuffle over 6,000+ tracks and musing around the various blogs wot i read
how do you find blogs of people you know? is there a blog directory out there somewhere or is it just a case of it's not who you blog but what you blog (huh?)

i like catching up and reading about other people's lives ... good to have insight and not just the snatched conversations that usually take place (end of meetings/bar hanging)

i have a head full of random phrases and one liners now ... someone describing themselves as having 'low levels of sanity' ... love that ... already applying that to people i know :)

was checking out a church website that someone i met is involved with and read that they have a sunday evening service and then all go to the pub ... i mean really !!! the years of grief we have got from christians because holy joes meets in a pub and now they all behave like it is all very normal ... hurrumph

and i keep seeing cool blogs with all these sidebars with stuff about what they are reading and stuff ... the ones i like seem to come from something called typepad but i dunno if i want to change and they seem to cost money ... which makes weird with the idea of 'penny for your thoughts'

blog navel contemplating is possibly not very cool and it's probably best to behave like it is the most normal thing in the world ... well no actually i think it is all very weird and needs exploring :)

it is about time that we could do that matrix thing of plugging something into the back of our neck and having a new skill ... top of my list is being able to play piano and or guitar ... just being able to sit down and make music whenever you wanted makes me so lime green with envy ... fencing ... not building them ... the swashbuckling kind ... such an elegant thing to be albe to do ... took half a dozen lessons on holiday once and loved it ... being able to do photography ... i have three talented amazing photographers in my circle of friends and their skill and creativity is awesome ... so much so that i sheer away from even taking photos in their presence

these thoughts were a result of musing on the fact that i used to do things ... not that i don't do things now they are just different things ... i used to ice skate quite a lot ... did it again for an hour on christmas eve and was pleased by how good a feeling it felt i had forgotten how that felt ... but then really aware how you can't go and buy skates and hang out at rinks at my advanced age :) ...

i used to play the trumpet and cello ... probably not very well i was young ... but i enjoy music ... spent most of my life around musicians and singers and bands ... heck i've owned a record shop and even sang with bands and in performance in some form or another ... never have the time to pursue it with any kind of regular habit ... but never lose the hankering to make sweet music ... but the only instrument that is portable and easy is my voice which i mistreat by smoking (boy do you lose some range if you are a smoker) ...

i used to be able to sprint one and two hundred metres at county level and now wouldn't run for a bus ... actually that's more to do with not wanting to catch a bus in the first place

i used to act and dance and sing ... reached a point when i decided that others did this stuff far better than i ever could ... time to bow out stage left and leave it to others ... settled for producing and directing ... those that can't do it teach or in this case get to say how it should be :)

so now i dabble at this and that ... jack of all trades master of none doesn't even cover it ... passable dabbler at some stuff is hardly a snappy maxim ... i guess it is just to see what we drop and what we keep and the stuff that might have stuck in different circumstances

anyway ... off to church ... hmmm ... never expected to type that ... ever ... i will explain another time


Kathryn said...

"off to church..."
Phew...glad you realised the mind blowingness of that throw away line, otherwise you'd have had me scrolling up to check I was on the right blog after all :-). Will await the explanation with bated breath.
Seriously, though, really enjoyed reading this as I've been thinking about the things I used to do and wondering which,if any, are worth reviving. I'd blamed the way bringing up children totally dominates everything else in life, but clearly this isn't the full story. Off to mull, maybe blog...

maggi said...

CHurch? YOU?
Football? ME?
What's the world coming to?

James said... might provide the blog searching you're looking for. There are a couple of other blog search engines out there too, but I've not used them as much.