Tuesday, January 25, 2005

trained and primed

completed my training to be an advocate so now ... well i don't really know to be honest
i suppose i eventually get asked to advocate someone ... perhaps i should have asked

i know i have to read loads of legislation and law type things
they seemed to think carrying guns and wearing a superhero type costume with a cloak and a big A on the front were not really going to happen ... i think it would have made us stand out and make a clear statement that we mean business ... you try and help !

kathryn said ...
Congratulations on finishing the book...wish I had legions of helpful publishing contacts up my sleeve, but I guess they might be a bit uncomfortable there. Nonetheless, here's to smooth progress towards the bookshops xkx

kathryn ... thanks for the good wishes ... i suppose truthfully i am at draft one as i fully expect friend who is acting editor will send it back with red pen marks all over it and start discussions about things like grammer which let's face it are hardly important in the whole scale of life :) ... as for publishing it i have no idea how that happens i am leaving that to other people

lilly said ...ok i am out of the loop...what is your book about?are you letting anyone read it ahead of time?i'd love to!congrats to you on the book!and congrats to laura on her promotion!and you know that you and laura are the best host and hostess in the uk!love from you fan club in the states!

well you are not really that out of the loop i haven't really mentioned it much ... mainly because i was never confident that i could ever do it ... i have been writing it in bits and pieces over the last couple of years ... early mornings when the world is asleep and in exotic locations like New York, Chicago and Norway ... it is basically autobiographical and deals with the subject of violent and sexual abuse … the main aim being that I hope that somewhere along the line I hope it helps both victims of abuse to speak out and parents of victims to understand a little more about the process

and I guess that is the first step in going public … typing words here certainly put it in the public domain … wife has read it and thinks it is ok to publish … the friend I asked to look at it and if it was crap to ghost write it for me assures me that it is fine and should be published

it is called Truth Beauty Freedom Love - Truth shows me a place of Beauty that leads me to a place of Freedom which places me inside Love

as for reading it before it is published … no way … I am freaked enough that I am about to do this without pre-empting it so no offence but you can forget that :)

I have made two rules about this process … only five people get to read it now which means if it never gets published I don’t have the difficulty of loads of people knowing what I have written (weird I know but it works for me) and rule two is that I will never ever sign anything … don’t care how big or small it gets I do not approve of the cult of personality thing so I will not participate J

Apart from all that I seem quite normal don’t I ?

The thing is this process has been a bit weird for me … people keep commenting how it must be good for me to write it all down … it hasn’t actually helped in that respect as it means every time I sit down to write I have to engage with the subject all over again not a comfortable place to be at all

I am now working on a 2nd book which is a series of essays and articles on various subjects from a holy joes /Christian /opinionated viewpoint … better not take two years to do this one J … not sure if that will ever see publication either but it is something I would like to try and it passes the time

Anyway gotta go and do some proper work

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Sally said...

Steve..love you for your honesty and being so....well, you. You don't blog too often (more often than some!) but yours is quality. Mine is only quantity!!! Have a huge hug, sorry, didn't mean to embarrass you.....but hey, you do have my box number.....