Thursday, December 16, 2004

working 9-5

well this working lark is not easy ... i was very tired by the time i had completed two days in an office ... have just completed two days of listening and learning and i have a lot of stuff to read about Legislation and UN conventions etc

so i can say what i will be doing Sally just not specifics ... i have to be confidential apparantly so thats it for gossip then ... they didn't tell me that when i agreed to take the job ... anyway i will be doing two different roles ... i will be visiting a secure unit and being around for a few hours so that young people can talk to me and i try and help them with any problems or issues ... and i will also be doing some freelance stuff just delaing with whatever comes in ... it gradually becoming a basic right in law that children in care / in prison etc have the right to acces to an advocate to speak on their behalf or help them to decide what they want to ask for themselves

have no idea if i will be any good at it i just think it is brilliant resource for young people and i wanted to try and do it ... it seems to be ok so far ... they haven't thrown me out or sacked me or anything ... not very happy about what happens in prisons and how children are treated at times ... but i guess that is what we are there for to try and change that

i won't start properly for a little bit longer as we have a bit of a break and finish our training later in january ...anyway i can't sit around her gossiping i have to get to the gym

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Kathryn said...

steve you great gumby ( I may call you that "in love" mayn't I?) of course you will be good at will be amazing at it. Can't think of a better way of using your abilities and experience....
(and you have to believe me now I'm ordained ;-) )
K xx