Saturday, December 11, 2004

one month later

a month! ... the shame ... the problem is that i read other blogs and get distracted or start thinking that everyone else does interesting things or have deep thoughts and i wander off and do something else

right now it is a saturday afternoon i have a christmas playlist on my itunes and feeling all mellow and christmassy i thought i might as well write some stuff

we did go away on a road trip leicester/chester/liverpool/north wales/mid wales/southampton and then home ... lots of staying with people ... eating out and fun ...; thanks for all the hospitality everyone hope we were well behaved house guests ... most of the time was spent in wales it really is all about hills rain and sheep ... one name place we saw on a sign just looked as if someone had thrown a load of scrabble letters at a sign

early mornings have been spent in the gym for the last month ... got there most days if i can ... one month later and i am not totally convinced it is making much difference ... the problem is that i get really bored in a gym ... i don't want to set myself targets or give a stuff about being able to run farther/lift more or do another 20 situps ... i just can't engage with that kind of thing on any level ... it just seems a collosal waste of time ... so as you can imagine it takes a big chunk of stern talking to myself to even get there ... plus doing all that excercise makes me so hungry ... so i eat more then ...oh what is the bloody point ... still i shall stick with it for a bit longer

i start my advocacy training on monday morning ... it is a little like the feeling of starting a new school ... except of course no satchel or short grey trousers (shudder at that mental picture) ... quite fun to be finally starting ... looks i shall have to learn loads of laws and rules ... (well you can't break them if you don't know what they are can you :) ... just realised that i will probably not be allowed to talk about my work ... let alone blog about it ... so this is probably the last time i will be able to mention it other than to say it is going ok or badly or whatever ... my mother is pleased that i am gainfully employed ... and i get to say things like 'had a hellish day at work today' and 'there's this bloke in our office right ... '

christmas songs are great they really put you in the mood ... pity you can't upload mp3's to a blog entry so people can hear what you are listening to while you were typing the blog entry ... my fave christmas songs are All Alone On Christmas by Darlene Love (from one of those crap Home Alone movies but the song is great ... really) ... Last Christmas (pudding mix) by Wham cos i love the song and the video and it so puts me in the christmas spirit and Winter Wonderland by Eurythmics .... and if you want to do christmas music and be helpful there is a great series of CD's called A Very Special Christmas (amazon have them) ... they support the special olympics in USA and loads of artists covering christmas songs ... well i like them

when laura asked what i wanted for christmas a gave her quite a modest list of wants/needs (thin line) and was met with 'no really what do you want for christmas' ... it was a short list ... it was quite an expensive list but very short

... anyway have to go and bathe and dress (regency fop mode) as we have to go and watch goddaughter in a production of the sound of music (pray like never before people)

i hereby promise to blog write again very soon and not be so slack


Rach said...

Hey! Good to have you back - kept looking at your blog and wondering what was going on with you - nice to see a new entry!!
And I know what you mean about reading other blogs and then forgetting what you planned...what with having to research things for immigrations & fill forms, all my good intentions of finding your email address and getting in touch fell by the wayside. Glad you are feeling better and things are good - though the being gainfully employed is going to make a bunch of jokes we always used redundent ;)

Sally said...

Oh, so pleased to have you back! As the last blog mentioned a mystery throat infection..then the rest was really are a naughty boy to get us all so worried!

Good luck for Monday - can;t you just tell me a bit mroe about what the job is about -generically speaking, and not go into details???? Who will you be working for? I know, if you tell me you'll have to kill me, sorry. Love youx S

Kathryn said...

Well, there we are...I'd been talking about you (in conncection with dfg: L and G have plans to come up to Town for their gig next week, assuming it is definitely on) en route home this evening and had a little whinge about the moribund blog...and suddenly, there you are.
Hope first days of advocacy went well, and Christmassy feelings survived the Sound of Music.
Hugs xKx