Wednesday, December 22, 2004

3 days to go

fighting a cold and trying to get ready for christmas
i have cleaned and tidied and dusted and washed
the larder and the wine rack are full
nothing left to do now but wait ...

the run up to christmas is hectic but fun ... we have some friends staying for a few days with two children in the house it makes it much more fun ... we have tickets to take them ice skating on christmas eve morning at Hampton Court which looks as if it will be all christmassy

and then hoards of people visiting on boxing day ... slight panic every now and then that everyone will turn up at the same time and the house will be packed ... maybe we should have issued tickets for different times

heard about a company that will cover your garden and house with snow for £19,000 ... all that money and it could thaw within an hour ... still nice idea ... but i am sure the wife would kill me

in case i don't get back here before christmas i will wish both my readers a merry christmas and a happy new year


Kathryn said...

We're very grateful :-)
Christmas hugs to you too xKx

Rach said...

Wow, I must be the other reader!!! ;)
Happy Christmas to you & Laura too. Missing you all.