Wednesday, November 03, 2004

and my excuse this week is illness ... been struck down by throat infection
had to miss holy joes last night a rare thing ... problem was that it hurt to speak
makes a change ... usually it's others who hurt when i speak :) (just get in there before the likes of Liz do)

so Kathryn has commented that her kids like dfg ... well i can understand that they are apparantly the future of rock n roll ... as for Luci becoming their groupie i really do not recommend this ... during the break between sets the boys were asking me if i was going to sort out some 'honey's' for them ... i pointed out that i didn't pimp for them ... they are talented but mad ... we have constant reminders of their madness ... on arrival at one of their gigs this week we arrived to find them playing chess with each other ... not very rock n roll

spending firework night in cambridge visiting maggi ... wanted to try and find fireworks to take with me ... i don't normally bother with fireworks ... at the risk of sounding a bit humbug i always feel like i am rolling up £20 notes and lighting blue touch paper ... but there will be children there and they do like pretty things ... problem is where do you buy fireworks nowadays ... when i was a kid every newsagents on every street corner stocked them ... i don't know where to start looking ... i shall go on a search ... any suggestions?

i have a deadline to try and finish some writing befoe i start my advocacy training and it is so difficult to impose a deadline ... i have been just doing it when i am in the mood to write ... now all of a sudden i have to sit down and do some writing ... at which point my mind goes blank or i find three things i really must do first before i start ...

still visiting the gym but i have had to pause while i am ill ... can hardly be bothered to to walk let alone run/row/bike ... my main incentive is that next april is our 20th wedding anniversary and we are planning a party ... i have already seen the wife in the dress she is planning to wear and i can't think of anything worse than standing next to her looking like some old blob of a man ... damn her size 8ness and her clingy dress ... so it helps me to stay focused on looking slimmer and fitter for that event but am worried that this might turn into an obsession ... how come we devlop pills to make us feel all fuzzy and warm (prozac) and yet we don't have pills to keep us looking 21 ... mind you being 40+ and looking 21 would be a bit freaky

i shall spend today languishing ... being ill does allow you to flomp about in 'relaxed' clothes and watch tv and read ... guilt free and totally justified because really you can't do anything cos you feel so rotten


Kathryn said...

Fraid the chess just increased the allure of DFG in the eyes of the lurvely Luci, who says I am to tell you she is well acquainted with mad artists....
However...moving swiftly on...Sorry you've been a poor wee thing :-( Hope you feel more Steve-like soon. Fireworks seem to be on sale in all sorts of unlikely places here, but larger toy shops are usually a good bet if you are struggling. Meanwhile, abandon the writing and do some research on the Dorian Grey pills...our 20th wedding anniv is next year too, and I'm sure I wasn't a hippo when I married :-(

Sally said...

most large supermarkets/chain stores sell fireworks! You obviously don't get out much! Sorry you've been poorly. Actually I'd like to be just a little bit poorly, and have a couple of days off work and lie about a bit..soudns heaven! Get well soon, lvoe Sx!

1 i z said...

Well I'm quite hurt that you think I'd make an insensitive and uncaring comment like that!

I mean if I was going to say anything, I'd be much more likely to reflect on the fact that you equate ability to speak with worthwhileness of being somewhere ;-) Then again sitting quietly in the corner wouldn't really be either of our styles eh? ;-)

Seriously take care hon and get better soon.

Rach said...

Hey, sorry you haven't been well - hope you have recovered. Hope fireworks were found and went well...tried to get the guys here to do something, but we'd only just got back and I'm tired of organising things for a while!!!!
Glad management is going well...or as well as it can with those three!!! There's nothing quite like them over here...or at least not that I've found yet!