Wednesday, December 29, 2004

christmas present

as the dust settles on a crazy christmas
the weirdness of buying each other the same present (global magnetic knife holder) and both of us going through the thought process of getting a new knife to go with it
a series of electrical devices just deciding to stop working ... one ceiling light ... one tv ... one laptop

the most disturbing was getting a call that two friends of ours were in Thailand and trying to get in touch via their mobiles and at first fearing the worst ... finally getting a text that they were ok but phone batteries were low and they had lost all there stuff... then three days of sporadic communcation and trying to keep their spirits up and keep them informed and them trying to get off the island they were on to a place of safety ... sleepless nights and lots of fear ... not the best christmas ... but they are safe now ...

unlike the many thousands who have lost loved ones and homes ... as our friends said in their latest txt ... please ask people to send some money the thais were so kind to us when they have so little themselves ... locals gave our friends and many victims food and water and sheltered them and then drove them to a place where they could get transport ... cared for them ... and in these days of a global village we should participate and in turn take care of them ... we used this page to find places to donate

if you can please donate some money ... tomorrow it could be you needing help
end of sermon :)


rob said...

Thanks for the update. Hope the Boxing Day party went OK even with the World Events at hand. You are both missed. Lilly says hi.
Happy New Year,
Rob and Lilly

1 i z said...

Glad your friends are OK Steve.

The stories of the generousity and kindness of Thai's to foreigners is so humbling.

I guess we all like to think that should we ever be in such a crisis situation someone would by recognition of our common humanity help us out.

Hard to square this with the attitudes I see to destitute asylum seekers though...

answer-man said...

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