Saturday, October 30, 2004

feel the burn

dunno what is going on but i never seem to find time to make blog entries
probably due to being busy
a hectic week kicked off with meetings on my birthday
(and thanks for the birthday greetings much appreciated ... i approve of birthdays)
and a return to the gym ... well when you get to my age you have to look after yourself
i hate the gym ... i am sure it is very good for me but it bores me rigid
have got there every morning this week including today ... all that bike riding running and rowing and all that has been achieved is a sense of being knackered

saw dfg twice this week ... they have improved since i saw them last ... general concensus is that we did a good thing by taking on their management ... we just need to find some people prepared to invest in making some albums ... everything boils down to money in the end ... sad really

spent my time this week sitting in my study looking out over the garden watching the rain fall down and feeling guilty that i haven't done any of the autumn work on the garden ... tidying digging and putting away for the winter kind of stuff

gonna go and read all the other blogs now ...


Kathryn said...

Have just spent a week in a confined space (they don't call them narrow boats for nothing) with three teenagers who clearly beleive that DFG are the best thing since whatever the last best thing was... Luci wants to come and work for you so she can be their professional groupie...there must be a market out there, surely :-)
ooh...hope your father is making good progress,and your mum coping with the strain?

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