Sunday, October 24, 2004

birthday weekend

why is it that when you get your hair cut it looks just right about nine days later? ... why can't they cut it like that right away?

again a bit of a gap in the blog but this was life taking over from blog time ... have spent recent days in Southampton as my father fell and broke his hip ... hours spent waiting around in hospital cafe's and anxious wait for operation ... which went well ... now we just have the weeks of grumbling and moaning ... sorry rehabilitation

I have so many questions and observations as a result of me being stuck in one place for hours without internet access … stream of consciousness typing … go

Really got to understand what ‘pikey’ actually means by people watching in the hospital

Why do our parents generation never want to bother the doctor as they are really busy you know … this was taken to a new extreme when my mother on being told by the hospital at 9.30pm that my father had been taken down for his operation cheerfully told them she would call back in the morning then … did she think we were going to just go to bed and not give it a second thought as to if he was alive or dead

What on earth is a hospital doing with a burger king outlet inside the cafĂ© area … I mean really surely we should be promoting healthy eating in a hospital … the irony leaves me breathless … we spend loads on telling everyone eat more fruit and veg … and then let them sit in a hospital stuffing burgers down their neck … read that again with a screechy high pitched voice and you will hear my outrage :)

They charge for everything there as well …phone calls that exceed the worst mobile phone tariffs .. then insist everybody switches off their mobiles because it might ‘interfere’ with equipment …interfere with their income streams more like … they charge hotel rates provide appalling service and we pay for it all from our taxes in the first place … unbelievable

Went to Rachel and Matt’s betrothal/pre-wedding service … so nice to see them getting hitched … I remarked to Rach that she looked so elegant … brides always look so elegant … it’s like they have waited so long to be able to look and behave like Audrey Hepburn

This weekend is my birthday weekend … not for me just a day … if you are going to celebrate then do it properly … drank too much yesterday evening and stayed up really late giggling … had pressies already and it isn’t my birthday properly until tomorrow … friend gave me a cigarette case that has a timer on it and if you try to open it before it is ready it gives you one hell of an electric shock … stupid really cos I would just go and buy another pack … funniest thing last night … everyone playing nervously with the case and one friend said we should hold hands and see if the shock went right round us all … we all held hands and then watched him cop the shock … how we laughed :)

Spending November on writing and finishing a little project so soon got to be strict and regimented with time and space … we will see how well that goes :)

Smoking held at not much but can’t seem to kick it altogether …reduced is good …but not good enough …must be a non smoker … rpt to fade


Sally said...

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Steee-eeve..happy birthday to you! Any excuse to break into song.. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

1 i z said...

Oh God she's off! Quick someone distract her before she gets her guitar out and starts on The Boxer!

Seriously though - Happy Birthday Steve!

Love the sound of that cigarette case. And I bet you didn't lose it straight away either did you?

lilly said...

a very happy birthday from across the pond!
big hugs from all the mad americans in cincinnati!
we love you!
hope this is the best year yet!
love lil, rob, mac, and hudson!

Kathryn said...

Bother...I had a feeling it was sometime around now, and did even consider posting a card before we went on holiday..then thought it would be silly if I had been wrong. Ah well...Glad it was fun. Belated hugs anyway xKx