Wednesday, August 18, 2004

problem needing help

was going to email this ... but thought i should also post it here
you never know who reads blogs and they might be able to help

a friends little boy (aged 3) seems to be autistic ... (long post to follow sometime in the future regarding how we define and label our children and what that does to them on society generally) ... anyway ... he is a genius with numbers and letters ... no really quite amazing ... and nothing amuses him more than calculators and mobile phones because he can punch number and letters onto the screen ... which is fine but he always want s to have your phone and the danger is that he will call long numbers and run up huge phone bills

so ... here's the thing
does anyone know a way to have an old mobile phone active ... the screen on and being able to punch things in without it being connected ... if you just switch it on it needs a sim card to be able to be used and if it has a sim card it will dial out

or does anyone know of a fake kids toy version that allows for punching in numbers and letters that you can read on a screen ... or something like it

a mobile phone is ideal because it is as suggested by it's name ... mobile ... and he loves them and it would make him so happy

maybe i should email phone companies maybe someone kind would help him ... there are still kind people out there?

anyway i would appreciate and flashes of brilliance/technical help/ideas that anyone can think of


Intranet Team said...

If you could get hold of an old unused handset, couldn't you just slot in a pay-as-you-go SIM and simply not top it up with any credit?

Daniel said...

Gaah... that was me... sorry, other profile is something work-related.

steve said...

ah ha
i don't use pay as you go so i didn't know you could do that ... hurrah problem solved ... i will tell them ... dan you have made a very weird 3 year old very very happy start your day with a gold star :)

hadge said...

You could try Argos (see link$cip=16866>C$cip=16906>C$cip=16909&categoryId=16909 )- they do a toy mobile phone for less than a fiver - it looks as though it will display numbers but can't say for sure - the only problem with the PAYT Sim is that you have to pay out for it in the first place plus have an old handset handy - hope this helps (could also try Early Learning)