Wednesday, August 18, 2004


well that was a bit of a gap
mainly too busy living to blog ... and reading other blogs
odd how it becomes essential to read the blogs you have listed ... maybe it is that basic thing that you might be missing something ... hmm a little cynical but you know what i mean ... actually if i could get everyone in my world blogging it would make life very easy to touch base with everyone

a few days of practical things like haircut and dentist and lots of thinking and eveything getting switched around ... not my hair and my teeth you understand ... just that i arrange one thing and something happens to change the shape of the day

just gave some friends a lift to the airport and had coffee with them when we arrived ... airports always make me want to jump on a plane ... not in a 'i'm a terrorist give me your plane' kinda way ... just head off somewhere ... on the way there a planned meeting got cancelled so it was suggested that i spend the day in Paris ... how would anyone know i could just stroll in at the end of the day looking innocent ... very tempting ... the sudden realisation that i didn't have my passport on me soon put a stop to that ... oh well

am now sat in my south london office ... ok it's a cool bar that i use for meetings that has great coffee and a wirless connection so i can be dead trendy ... is it a problem when bar staff set up a tab for you as you walk through the door and ask wether you want coffee or vodka today? ... even my wife isn't that quick of the mark and i have been training her for twenty years ... and let's hope aformentioned wife never reads that :)

meeting due to start soon so i had better do some preparation for it

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