Sunday, August 22, 2004

time moves on

well hardly blogged at all ... nothing personal ... just so busy ... i guess i can make up for it on cold wet days in november when nothing is happening ... guess this will be a long one i ponder all that lies ahead

have been typing and stuff like crazy ... feels like i am finally getting a grip on everything ... just have to layout my powerpoint stuff for holy joes and i am almost finished and ready ...well apart from buying things ...packing ... remembering everything ... some final meetings and discussions ... then the madness can begin .. or greenbelt arts festival as we call it

i don't why but as well as looking after all the ACG people ... sorting out holy joes service ... doing my performing arts duties and trying to do something useful for s:vox ... i agreed the other day to do an interview ... someone i know called me and asked if i wanted to interview someone called Nick Page for the Between The Lines venue ...which is apparantly all literary and posh and learned ... he has written a youth bible ... they sent me a copy and on first glance i am impressed ... very modern and helpful ... it covers stuff like sex/abortion/maturbation ... i did ask if my name came to mind first as the only potty mouthed christian who didn't mind saying masturbation out loud on a greenbelt stage ... they didn't deny it which was disturbing ... had a chat with him on the phone and he made me laugh a lot so i think i might enjoy it ... but terribly nervous that i will make a complete pillock of myself ... i am far too shallow to do proper grown up stuff ... i will do my best and as our mummies always said thats all anyone can ask of you ...then again she never worked at greenbelt

it was laura's (wife) birthday today and even though i had gone to extraordinary lengths to secretly arrange a surprise she managed to correctly guess what i was up to ... she always does ... claimed it was because she knows me so well but i am convinced she has a built in radar ... anyway we had a brilliant lunch at Jamie Oliver's '15' restaurant ... the one off the telly with the young recruits that he trains up ... it was just superb ...excellent food just the right level of service ... hope to go back with friends soon for dinner just to compare the menus you understand ... love the concept ... love the fact that he could have thrown some money at a charity but instead saw an idea through and it gives a legup to thirty young people every year ... cool

i also gave her a juicer ... not a husband giving the wife a nice kitchen appliance she did actually want one ... funny thing was that we realised that we had nothing in the house to actually juice ... but we used the one apple we had and a bunch of very small carrots from the garden (they hadn't really grown yet) and we managed to get a little shot of juice each to try ... well you have to use something new dontcha !

just had my first look at a new acg website ...the start of cool things ... i like that fact that we have blogging as an element of the site and we can also do updates online ...i think he calls it CMS ... content management system ...but i always think christian missionary society ...not helpful ... in time it should be cool and groovy ... we have started the revamp anyway will go up soon ... just need to add a little more text and stuff

my head is so full of all the things i have to remember so i started writing lists ... i do like writing lists ... someone told me recently that what you do is write a list and the last item on the list is 'transfer everything to new list' come the end of the day you just transfer everything to the next days list and you ensure you have that 'satisfied i did everything on the list feeling' ... excellent! ... i know greenbelt is very close once i start writing lists for it ... i get to write a 'to do' list ... 'take with me' list ... 'buy before i go' list ... 'make sure i do when i get onsite' list's list heaven

i was asked today if i could arrange to meet them at greenbelt and did i know what i would be doing when yet so we could arrange a time ... i know i have been told by people where i should be when but that really is the mega list ... i confess that i usually compile my daily list every breakfast time at greenbelt ... what i have to do ...who i have promised to meet ... what i would like to get and see at least five minutes of if i can ... things i have to remember to arrange or ask for ... it goes on and on ..and it passes in such a blur

i am so excited about all the friends who are going this year ... quite apart from all the brilliant people i get to work with and hang out with i have friends going who haven't been to greenbelt for years ... i love that 'end of the day job well done everyone hanging out and just being together' thing ... in real life it is so hard to get everyone together in one place ...greenbelt is great for that ... hey i could text everyone i know there at one point and just declare an on the spot party idea

and one of my friends is having his birthday there this year normally it is the week after but we are gonna celebrate at midnight on the monday as his birthday is on the tuesday ... we finish work the festival ends and we get to have a party ...brilliant ... it's like it was planned :)

ok gonna stop for now ... will try and post as i go along ... goodness knows when ...maybe late at night or early morning ...would really like to post from greenbelt as i go along ... it will bel ike having a live diary for later as well ... what i saw and what happened each day .... never kept a diary ever in my life before so i don't quite know why this is so enjoyable ... end

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