Monday, August 09, 2004

monday morning moaning

having one of those monday mornings already ... my head is full of things i have to do and eveything is crowding and clashing together

upmost urgency is to find a new base for holy joes ... one of things that happens to us now and then is that whatever pub we are in decides to refurbish the room we use or they need it for something else so we have to move on ... at least this time it has happened in during our summer break ... and to be fair we have been at our current pub for nigh on five years ... it means i have to phsyically walk around the area going into pubs and asking about function rooms and persuade them we are a good thing ... had one go at getting people together to help and it failed miserably ... the apathy rules rule ... so i need to find time to do that and know for a fact it can't happen for at least three days as i am fully booked up

also have to find a new home for ACG ... there is a pattern starting here i think ... we have to leave where we are very soon and we need a small office with all the usual parameters ... you know not to expensive near good travel connections and in central london ... or a miracle as it is known in the business :) ... of course we have no idea how long we will need the new office for as we are also searching for a building to make our permenant base and to build arts fabriek

and while all this is going on we have the usual torrent of summer visitors ... greenbelt is fast approaching and i have a huge task to build a two hour music list and compile a powerpoint presentation style thing of poems prose and lyrics to project ... and the weather means we are not sleeping well ... the heat makes us feel lethargic and droopy and don't feel like eating then get starving later at the totally wrong time of day to be making food let alone scoffing it

oh well ... drink some coffee i guess and quit this monday morning moaning

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