Saturday, August 07, 2004

ipod therefore i am

thought i should declare myself as a proud owner of an ipod
they are amazing ... can't believe that in my lifetime i have gone from a shelf full of vinyl needing strong brackets to avoid them crashing to the floor ... to carrying my entire record collection on my belt

i do now keep a beady eye out for food for the ipod monster ... trawl the new releases and recently added pages every wednesday morning on apple music store ... (slightly nervous that my music spending can now be tracked so easily by the family treasurer)

constantly have to resist the temptation to use limewire and bit torrent sites to find elusive trax ... as an ex record shop owner i feel i can't bring myself to dismiss copyright issues so easily, besides which i have so many musicians in my group of friends that it seems indelicate to rip into their art with gay abandon

but i can see how it will be so easy to do ... when i can't find something i search on google in the hope of finding somewhere to buy it only to be faced with endless free illegal downloads of what i am after ... it feeds the ' i want it and i want it now' generation like nothing else before

as for my ipod i am hooked ... it goes eveywhere with me and seems to have a character of it's own ... i have dumped some playlists like dance stuff ... driving music ...ballads etc and just let it pick the traxs randomly for me ... the little dj that lives inside my ipod often seems to sense my mood and plays the right stuff ... or maybe my mood shifts with the songs chosen ... oh i don't know

i like it ok ... it is a great piece of gadgetry ... useful ... does the job it is supposed to do ... a design icon ... great to use and i can't remember life without it

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