Saturday, August 07, 2004

rant no.1

my lady wife has a cute habit, if i rant about anything while driving, to add on the end 'and the buses' ... this is because it is my most common moan about london and the mess they have made of our transport systems

now and again i foolishly stumble into a conversational cul de sac over the issue of driving versus public transport so i have heard all the arguements for and against at some time or another

let me start off by saying that i have spent five years living in Rotterdam so i have seen a good transport system in place and it can work very well ... so i have used public transport ... just not here in the UK that much

the thing that set me off today is that i drove back home from South Bank which took about 30 minutes ... along the way there are now great chunks of the road carved up into bus lanes ... which is fine ... what is not fine is that they are bus lanes from 7am to 7pm mon- saturday ... why? ... why on a saturday? ... the bus lanes were empty ... not one bus anywhere and all the traffic squashed into one lane ... the same traffic that was there before they installed all the bus lanes ... making everything more congested and slower giving them the perfect argument for extending the congestion charging zone ... swines!!

drives me crazy ... why do we never have the right to say ... 'bad idea' ... 'change it'

and the buses! :)

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