Saturday, August 14, 2004

and finally the weekend

caught up on my sleep ... why are children so exhausting
my nephews are the sweetest kids but boy do they make you feel old
up at 6am and needing and wanting and asking and screaming
and the kids were making a right racket as well :)

am glad the weekend is here and it seems like a quiet one as far as i can see
but i am also having a slight panic as i have so much to do for greenbelt that i can't see how i can do it ... i keep doing that 'find something else to do while i think about it' thing ... am rapidly approaching the time where i just have to get on and do it ... maybe i should read some more blogs to get inspiration ... time wasting again

the problem is that i have to compile a load of poems, lyrics and prose format it into a powerpoint presentation so we can project it onto walls like credits scrolling up a screen during our worship thingy at GB ... i had expected to get some input and support from a group of people ... one person has sent me stuff ... thank you to them ... i am pretty sure i can do it but the hours i need to spend on doing it myself makes me feel that it is very unfair ... if a few had helped then then the load would be shared ... still no point in moaning ... oh and the reason i left it this late was that i was expecting people to send me stuff and figured there was no need for me to go searching

more than anything i wanted it to be different view points and feelings from different people ... it would have made it feel representitive and as if it was the voice of people rather than a pulled together piece by me

now that all sounds like i am moaning ... writing is so different from speech when it comes to tone ... the actor in me feels as if i should write in stage directions to ensure the reader is getting the tone and emotion right ... anyway i am not really moaning and i am sure it will be ok in the end ... mind you i know one thing that will happen is that i will do it all and someone will see it and say 'oh pity you didn't include such and such ... you should have asked i would have helped'

i know ... i will email around one more time... then while i am working on it people have one last chance to feed into it

good stuff that has happened this week is that lilly and her son hudson are coming over from america for greenbelt and are going to visit us afterwards for a few days ... so that will be fun

and i also get to drive some favourite friends to heathrow on wednesday morning ... which while i am not keen on the morning airport run it does mean we get to spend an hour or so together

suppose i had better get on with the day ... coffee first i think

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